Training Can Help with Workplace


September 10, 2008

The Corporate Training Resource Guide, established in August, has been trickling information to small business owners. The site is intended to provide a comprehensive collection of business training resources. "Upon it's completion," says operator Kimberly Spann "the CTRG Website will provide the necessary resources for a business owner to make smart decisions about training investments." She later added that training is an often over looked and under utilized form of employee coaching, as well as a platfrom to exchange information. "What I have found is that negative attitudes in the workplace can be affected by properly planned training events." Kim went on to say that "The nature of training itself is condusive to the open communication necessary to resolve workplace angst. As a result, adults seem to share true fears in the natural flow of training conversation."

Corporate Training Resource Guide is Published!  
August 22, 2008

Today is the official launch of the FREE Corporate Training Resource Guide. The Corporate Training Resource Guide is a new online resource geared towards making is easy to access detailed information about employee training design, corporate training design, product reviews, and all the rest in the training world! The site, located at, is mediated by it's webmistress Kimberly Spann. Kim is a certified Instructional Designer with heavy experience in soft skill and technical training design. Once a corporate trainer at an Inc. 500 company, she is now a freelance writer and designer. The Corporate Resource Training Guide is one of the only sites of it's kind, offering up completely free information and resources for business' and training professionals.