Whether you are a trainer, a manager, or CEO you have probably recognized the need for employee training and development at your company. Is your search for corporate development and training leading you right into high cost programs promising you customized solutions for a *nominal* fee? You're in good company. I, too, delved into the internet market in search of training solutions, pitched budget ideas to supervisors, and attempted to show the return on investment for training. As part of my own professional development, I became a Certified Instructional Designer. What I learned during my certification was astounding. Not only did I NOT have to pay those prices for professional training, but most training could be handled in-house, by anyone! I also learned that in the instances where specific training credentials were required (like Microsoft Certified Training), it was easy to find the right services on the internet once I knew how to look for it.

This site represents the collaboration of all my training and research experience. Presented to you in this free guide, I will show you how you can not only afford training and development, but maximise the potential of your employees! It it my sincere hope that you find this site informative and a resource you return to for your company training needs. Contact me anytime for topic ideas, comments, and questions using the contact form.
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Happy training!


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